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German teachers for training at CRE

The Educational Resource Centre (CRE) created by the City Council of Vila Nova de Famalicão is collaborating in the international training of German teachers, coordinated by the Grouping of Schools Camilo Castelo Branco.

Thus, the coordinator of the pedagogical support and educational innovation service of the Education Division of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, Adelaide Dias, received in the CRE, for training, a group of eight teachers from the schools SFZ Munchen Sud-Ost, Neuperlach and MS am Gerhart-Hauptmann-Ring, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Ring, both from Munich and four teachers from the AECCB.

This training, which includes the Jobshadowing modality at AECCB, aims to learn about the Inclusive and Digital response for students with Specific Needs. It thus had, in the context of the CRE, a training moment corresponding to the inclusive dimension through therapeutic and specialised intervention in the various spaces that make up the resource centre, such as: snoezelen room and sensory integration room: in the aspect of stimulation of the visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular senses; multipurpose room in the promotion of percetive, motor, sensory and communicative skills; art therapy room through music and dance in the stimulation of cognitive, sensory and communicative skills, besides the regulation of behaviour, muscular and mental relaxation, well-being, pain relief, self-confidence and self-esteem related to artistic expression such as music and dance; and technical and multidisciplinary offices (Health/Speech Therapy/Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Family Mediation, Social and Educational Intervention).

Opened last June, CRE is installed in CIIES - Centre for Innovation, Research and Higher Education, in Vale S. Cosme, in a municipal investment of over 100 thousand euros.
The space is intended for children and young people attending the school network and solidarity of the municipality who require learning support measures: universal, selective and additional; children accompanied and referenced for intervention by the Local Intervention Team (ELI); and young people and adults who attend the county's institutions within the scope of disability.
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